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Volume 5 (2018)

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Volume 4 (2017)

Issue 4

Note: Few research articles under progress, we will update soon..

College Students’ Intention to Participate in Leisure Time Physical Activity (LTPA)
Mekdes Mamo* 1and Prof. Paramvir Singh2

Nutritional Knowledge of Ethiopian Long Distance Runners
Mekdes Mamo* *and Prof. Paramvir Singh**

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Volume 3 (2016)

Issue 4

Issue 3

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Quality Assessment of Clay Raw Materials Utilized for Pottery Products in Eastern Tigray, Northern Ethiopia
Tadesse Gebremariam*and Gidey Gebrehiwet

Molecular Modelling Of Phentolamine for Cardiovascular Disease
*K.Lalitha Jyotsna, N .Saritha, Vasudha Bakshi

Ethanol: A Future Fuel for Light Motor Vehicles
Balaraju Miryala*, Ravi Sanatana

RP-HPLC method for the estimation of ceftriaxone and cefdinir third generation cephalosporin in Dosage form
G. Kishore, B.Kamala Babu and Guru Charana Das V

Phyto chemical screening of Medicinal Plants Used by the Tribes of Bhadrachalam Forest Area
K. Saritha, P.Earnest Vijayanand, D.Ramesh

Formulation and Evaluation of Pronisomal Based Drug Delivery System of Flurbiprofen
Swapna.S*, M. Surya Chethana , A. Madhu Babu, Vasudha Bakshi

Synthesis, Spectral and Antimicrobial Activity of Zn (II), Cd (II) and Hg (II) Complexes of Some Quinoxaline Schiff Bases
R.Mogili and K.Somi Reddy

Removal of Chromium (VI) Ions from Aqueous Solution Using Leaves of Cordia Africana and Sawdust of Acacia Albida
Gebremedhin Gebrehawaria

The Study On Hydro Geochemical Characteristics Of Aquifers Of Bhaskar Rao Kunta Watershed, Nalgonda District, Telangana, India
K.Srinivasa Reddy and G.Prabhakar

Cytotoxic activity of 1, 2-dihydroquinoline derivatives
T. Sumana, Pushpa Iyengar* N.S.Disha and Manoj Kumar

Chemistry in Medicine and Healthcare

Fluoride – A Double Edged Sword
Dr. K.Ravindra Chary

Impact of Effluents of Agro-based Industries on Groundwater Quality of Nizamabad District
M. Sunitha*, K. Abhijit, E. Venkataramana

Fluoride Effected Villages Ground Water Analysis
S.Mutta Reddy

Groundwater importance -recharge techniques to Increase ground water level

Health Impacts of Fluorosis
T. Raja Rajeswari *, T. Kalpana , N. Sailaja

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Volume 2 (2015)

Issue 4
Phytochemical Investigation on the Root of Erythrina Abbyssinica (Korch)
Ayalew Temesgen*, Addisu Tamir

Assessment of impact of different irrigation and fertilizer levels on Mustard+Chickpea intercropping systems over sole cropping
Thomas Abraham* and OVS Thenua

Phytochemical investigation on the Ethanol extract of the aerial parts of Laggera tomentosa
Yilma Hunde and Nigist Asfaw

Screening and Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Methanolic and Aqueous Extracts of Seaweed Gracillaria Edulis
Subramanian Vijayalakshmi

Microbial Quality and Chemical Characteristics Evaluation of Edible Oil Sold at Gondar Town Markets, North West Ethiopia
LideyaTesfaye, Samuel Sahileand Alle Madhusudhan*

Comparative Study of Sports Competitive Anxiety and Sports Achievement Motivation between Basketball Players and All India Intervarsity Running Events Athletes
Najmuddin Khan* and Kehkashan Aziz

Reaction of Ethiopia Ionosphere to Sun based Movement and Geomagnetic Storm
Amensisa Negasa, Sreenu Kasam*., Baylie D., Melessew N., A.T.Raghavendra

Characterization of aquifer system of different geological formations is based on pumping test data - a case of nekemte area, western Ethiopia
Shayaq Ali*, Diriba Alemayehu Gurmu, and Geleta Geremew

Studies on Amylase from Pro biotic Lactic Acid Bacteria
Anteneh Tamirat Bogale* & S.G. Prapulla

Understanding Geophagic Practice as a Source of Mineral Nutrients and Toxicants
T Kamau, HN Nyambaka and MP Nawiri*

An efficient procedure for multi-component synthesis of (2-amino-3-cyano-4H-chromen-4-yl) phosphonic acid diethyl ester using KF.Al2O3
Avula Satya Kumar, Boddu Shashi Kanth and Pasham Venkateshwarlu

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​Evaluation of the Erosive Potential of Common Soft Drinks in Ethiopia
Mulugeta Legesse Akele*, Madhusudhan Alle​

Determinations of the level of essential and non-essential metals in rice and soil samples
Tilahun Belayneh, Zemene Atnafu, Alle Madhusudhan*

Development of Validated Stability-indicating HPLC Method for the determination of Cinacalcet hydrochloride and its impurities

SreedharBandaru*, RajuSirisilla, Praveen Reddy Arakatla, Aruna Reddy Nagula, Ramchandra Reddy Pingili, Rami Reddy Bandi, NarasimhaRamuluThaduri and Thrimurthulu Singavarapu.

Determination of the Levels of Major-Essential, Minor-Essential and Toxic Metals in Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus), Nile Perch (Lates niloticus) and Bagrus (Bagrus docmac) of Lake Abaya, Ethiopia
Tariku Bekele1, Amare Aregahegn2, Tesfaye Hailemariam3, Tsegu Lijalem1, Alle Madhusudhan*1

Effect of Agaricusbisporus on the Lipid Peroxidation, CK and LDH of Hypercholesterolemic Rats G.K.Poongkodi*,G.P.Harshitha Priya and G.P.Harithra Priya

Volume 1 (2014)

Issue 4

Multi Dentate Ligands and Metal Complexes Derived from Ninhydrin and Ethylen Diamine
T. Sravan Kumara, a*. Satya Kuamrb*, Kashi Reddy Methuku*c

Speciation of chromium and arsenic metal ions by RP-HPLC Coupled with AAS
P.Venkateshwarlu*, B.Gouthami

Calibration and Validation of HPLC, GC and UV-VIS Spectroscopy
B. Gouthami, Gattu Venkateshwarlu *, P.Venkateshwarlu*

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